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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Enter your mobile phone make and model into the relevant search box. We will show you the price we are prepared to offer. Choose one of our payment methods and enter your details. For more information, please go to our 'How does it work' page.

What is the IMEI Number?

IMEI Number stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity this number is unique to every mobile phone. The IMEI number can be found by pressing *#06# on your mobile phone. If it cannot be found in this way, the IMEI is usually printed on a label which is in the battery compartment of the mobile phone. Certain devices can also have the IMEI number printed on the back or on the sim card tray.

What is the value of my mobile phone/device?

Each mobile phone will have a different value. The price is also dependent on whether the phone is Brand New, Working or Non-Working. The system will guide you through the process in order to offer you the best price

When do I get paid?

Once your mobile phone/device has cleared the testing process we will release your payment using your chosen method.

How is payment made?

We offer two payment methods; Cheque or BACS bank transfer. We use quick payment methods to process payments.

If my mobile phone/device is broken can I still sell it?

Yes you can. Once you have inputted the make and model of your mobile phone/device into the 'Sell my Mobile' tab you will find listed, three categories with three different values. For further definition of each category you will find these descriptions listed below your mobile phone/device in the 'Sell my Mobile' section.

How do I know if my phone is 'working' or 'non working'?

For full details of the accepted phone conditions please see our terms and conditions. For a brief description of the phone condition categories please see below:

  • Completely Unused
  • In Full Working Order
  • Full complete original box
  • All accessories and manuals in original brand new condition
  • The phone must not have any cosmetic marks/scratches
  • Powers on and off
  • Fully functional
  • Working LCD/Touch Screen
  • No water damage
  • Battery included
  • Screen should be intact with no cracks
Non-Working Phone:
  • CAN BE faulty
  • CAN BE water damaged
  • CAN BE no power
  • CAN BE broken LCD
  • CAN BE damaged
  • Phone must be in one piece (not crushed or snapped in half)

I can't find my mobile phone/device on your website?

If you cannot find your mobile phone/device on our website it may mean that your particular model a little older and we no longer purchase them. If on the other hand you think your mobile is reasonably new or has a value please contact us.

My mobile phone does not have a value, can I still recycle my phone?

Yes. Please place your old mobile phone/device in suitable packaging and post is to us with a signed note from yourself explaining that you would like us to recycle it for you. We would be more than happy to help and recycle your handset correctly. Please send your old mobile phone/device to:

  • Bamboo Recycle
  • C/O Kuehne + Nagel Ltd,
  • Unit 3, Bay 62,
  • 15-23 Claudius Way,
  • Wellingborough,
  • Northants,
  • NN8 2DH

Can I sell my mobile if it is barred or blacklisted?

Unfortunately, we will not accept the mobile phone if it is barred or blacklisted. If you are not sure, please contact your network provider.

How do I delete data stored on my mobile phone?

Usually this is quite an easy process. There should be an option on your mobile phone to reset to 'Factory Settings'. This should remove all the data. However, if you are unsure, please refer to the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Please remember we cannot be held responsible for any data left on your mobile phone.

How can I view my orders?

Simply sign into your account, select 'My Sales' and here you will find all of the orders you have made.

How long is the price quoted, valid for?

The price quoted for your mobile phone/device will be valid for 10 days (including weekends and Bank Holidays) from the day that you place your order. If your mobile phone/device is received after this time a revised offer price may be given. If however your mobile phone/device does not match the description you gave in your order a new offer will be sent to you via email. You will then have the option to accept the new offer price or have your mobile phone/device returned to you. This new offer will be valid for 3 working days, if a response is not given before this time your mobile phone/device will be automatically processed and you will be paid the revised offer price.

Do you buy New Mobile Phones?

Yes. The system will show you the New Price of the mobile phone you have entered onto the system

Do you buy Network locked mobile phones/devices?

Yes. However the price of a network lock mobile phone will be the same price quoted for either a working or non-working mobile phone

What is iCloud/Activation lock?

iCloud/Activation lock, also known as 'Find My iPhone', is a security feature on iPhones using IOS7 & higher that locks your iPhone to your iCloud account and 'Find my iPhone'.

Why do I need to deactivate my iCloud account?

If 'Find my iPhone'/iCloud is enabled on your mobile phone/device we will not be able to test it. This is because your mobile phone/device will be locked to your iCloud account which can only be accessed with your Apple ID and password. Without this we will be unable to access any of the mobile phone/device's functions and it will be deemed Non-Working. We will then send you a Non-Working offer price for your mobile phone/device via email which you can choose to accept or have your mobile phone/device returned to you.

How do I deactivate my iPhone from my iCloud account?

To remove your IPhone/Device from your iCloud account simply click this link and follow the instructions:

What happens if I put the wrong information on your Website for my Mobile Phone?

If you feel that the information you have given was incorrect please contact as soon as possible either by email: or telephone: 0845 582 0511. Calls are charged at 5p per minute from standard UK landlines, calls from mobile phones may vary (please check with your provider). Standard network charges may also apply. If you are under the age of 18 you must have the bill payers permission.

What happens to my mobile phone/device once I have traded it in?

In most instances, the mobile phone will be reused. We specialise in the reuse and resale of mobile phones. Only a small percentage of mobile phones are recycled.

I still have data on my phone, like pictures and telephone numbers is it ok to send it in to you with this on?

We cannot take responsibility for any data that is left on your unwanted mobile phone. We strongly advise that you delete all data on your mobile phone before sending it in to us. Please see How do I delete data stored on my mobile phone? for details on how to do this. If you are having any problems either contact the manufacture or please feel free to send us an email and we will advise you further.

How many mobile phones can I sell?

This is totally up to you. There is no minimum or maximum

System errors

If you are experiencing any problems with our system please contact us via email: or telephone: 0845 582 0511. Calls are charged at 5p per minute from standard UK landlines, calls from mobile phones may vary (please check with your provider). Standard network charges may also apply. If you are under the age of 18 you must have the bill payers permission.

I have a question not listed here / I have a complaint

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact us on 0345 582 0511 or by email at